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Dry Cleaning Rugs in Delray vs. Washing Rugs by Hand

Rug cleaning is an essential chore that every household should practice. The most common way to clean rugs is through the use of a vacuum cleaner. The principle behind vacuum cleaning lies on the strong inverted air that is directed towards the rug so that the dirt and dust shall be sucked by the device. This is the standard mechanism that works inside all vacuum cleaners. There is nothing wrong with the use of this equipment. The only drawback is that it cannot guarantee complete cleaning as what service providers do. Since rugs vary in material and design, specific cleaning methods are also applied. So, some go for Dry cleaning rugs in Delray which are carried out in three ways.

1. Dry cleaning using foam method.

Dry foam method is done by means of applying carpet shampoo on the top surface of the rug. The shampoo will penetrate into the rug and will be sucked out when it gets dry. Take note that no water is used in this procedure. A device which is like a vacuum cleaner will take off all foams and suds together with dirty elements inside the rug. The principle behind this method is like shampooing your hair without rinsing it off. Hence, residue will be formed in the rug. For some reason, such method is not recommended because of the white particles that will be left on the surface of the fibers. Apparently, foam method is not a very effective dry cleaning technique.

Dry Cleaning Rugs Delray

2. Dry cleaning using chemicals.

The dry-chem method follows the same procedure as that of foam method; however the difference lies on the kind of materials used. In here, a large bonnet is placed on top of the rug. This bonnet is connected to a machine that will allow it to spin in different corners. The spinning motion will make the bonnet absorb the most dirt particles coming from the fibers of the rug. The principle of the bonnet usage is like rubbing a clean piece of towel with a chemical onto the carpet to remove dirt particles in it.

3. Dry cleaning using compound method.

Dry-compound method is done by means of spreading a permeable solution that resembles wet sawdust onto the surface of the rug. The solution will allow dirt to stick to it and will soon be sucked out through a vacuum cleaner after a period of absorption. A machine brush is used in order to let the solution and dirt particles mix together.

Hand Washing from a Professional Company is Still the Best Option

The theory behind dry cleaning rugs in Delray is that no water is used in the cleaning process. Upon learning about the different methods of dry cleaning, you will realize that your rugs will only be given partial cleaning. Hence, no other cleaning method is better than washing.

To ultimately achieve clean rugs, Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is the name to trust. Our company performs rug cleaning by hand. We want to stress that our cleaning procedure follows the traditional hand cleaning method because rugs are made of delicate materials that can be possibly damaged through machine wash.

As we have been running many years in the business, we also expanded rug cleaning to various services. Apart from dry cleaning rugs in Delray, you can also avail our pet odor removal, water extraction, repair & restoration and stain removal services. All these are tagged with affordable rates and the best thing is that we offer free estimate for any service you need. Call us today and let Dry cleaning rugs in Delray be your partner in caring for your rugs. Visit our website at: www.orientalrugcleaningdelray.com.

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