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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rugs complement every piece of furniture in the home. They play a significant role to the aesthetic aspect of every corner in the house. They vary in design and material that’s why the price is dependent on these factors. What’s more, a clean rug could make any space neat and tidy; this is why Oriental rug cleaning in Delray should be a...

Pet Odor Removal

Rug odor is usually caused by food, spilled liquids like juice and coffee and other organic materials. Pet urine, too much humidity, and accidents involving solid materials are also common causes. When it comes to food and other organic spills, the rug will start smelling differently, especially when it starts to dry. The worst thing is when the...

Rug Restoration

With the exception of unavoidable disasters like flooding and fire, rugs can last for several decades especially if you care for these floor pieces properly. Apparently, the main cause of rug damage is the wear and tear of foot traffic. But you can limit its unsightly effects by regular cleaning so the accumulation of dust and dirt can be controlled...

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Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand Delray

About us

I’ve been running this business for more than 2 years now and I’ve been part of this industry for more than a decade. I had the confidence to start my own rug cleaning business because of my father who gave me the guidance that I needed. My father has been running a family-owned company for almost 3 decades now and he taught me all about rugs...

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Our Testimonials

  • I have been hiring one rug cleaning company after another. In fact, I’ve done so for years and not one has impressed or satisfied me. I’m not saying they destroyed my rugs, it’s just that they seem to come back in a bad condition. It was easy to see that their cleaning methods are not effective. This company was referred to me by a friend and satisfied customer...

    Rosalia Saltz, Weston FL:
  • This Oriental rug was given to me by my grandmother before she died. Now this heirloom is my most treasured possession and I put it in the living room in memory and honor of her. It was unfortunate that I had to leave home because of an emergency. My two dogs were also left behind. When I got back home, I was horrified at the sight of my precious rug full of pet stains...

    Kathy Pelton, Coral Springs FL:
  • My previous experiences with Oriental rug cleaning services were nothing less than disappointing, and I’m speaking about them all in general. There was even a time when I sent my Oriental rug to a cleaner because I wanted the stains removed. To my dismay, the rug came back in the same condition including the stains. There was also a time when the rug came back clean alright...

    Catherine Weathersby, Boca Raton FL:

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