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Persian Rug Washing Delray: Maintaining the Appeal of Your Pricey Rug

Persian rugs are some of the most exotic floor pieces that one can have. The finest ones came from Iran, which was formerly called Persia. These rugs played an important role in the lives and culture of Iranians. In Iran, these rugs are the most valuable possession that a home can have. For this reason, the country produces these floor pieces in high volumes. The local and global demand for these rugs are so prevalent that even some locations in Iran not known for this craft joined the bandwagon of making these rugs. In this respect, it should not be surprising to know that a high percentage of Iran's income comes from Persian rug exports. So if you own one of these floor embellishments, settle for the right Persian Rug Washing company in Delray.

Persian Rug Washing Delray

Persian Rugs as Your Cherished Possession

The popularity of Persian rugs has contributed to its luxurious and exotic appeal. The labor and materials that are needed to make them could even add more to its value. Most rug enthusiasts consider Persian rugs as investments because of their price. They also know the importance of maintenance and care to keep them looking great and to make them last longer.

If you have a Persian rug at home, then consider yourself lucky because not many people can afford it. But having an exotic rug comes with a huge responsibility. It has to be taken care of by regular cleaning at home and professional Persian rug washing in Delray as well. Rug owners can do the former with little effort, while the latter has to be done by specialists.

Knowing that you have an expensive floor piece should be enough to make you consider using the vacuum cleaner to remove the unsightly dust and dirt, but when it comes to washing, there is no room for trial and error or experimentation. There is no point in taking the risk of damaging or destroying an exotic rug. Experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray have all the experience, training and equipment to employ excellent Persian rug washing. Our company has many years of exposure to this industry so you can be sure that your precious rug is in good hands.

Professional Cleaning for Persian Rugs

We have developed a unique cleaning process that ensures very thorough cleaning without damaging your Persian rug. It starts with dusting, where all the dust and dirt are blown out of the rug’s surface. This is followed by hand washing, a service that is hard to find these days, where the deep seated dirt is removed with great care. We believe that washing by hand is still the safest and gentlest way to obtain Persian rug washing in Delray.

The rug is then rinsed well using generous amounts of water to ensure that the detergent and water mixture are completely removed. Drying is next, where the rug is hung and left to dry in a room that has warm air circulating in the room. The final step is fringe cleaning; the rug’s fringes are combed gently until each strand is exposed, then the fringe is cleaned until it’s white. In case we see any damage, we will let you know and you will decide whether to go ahead with the repair.

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray, your Persian rug is given the care that it deserves. Give us a call and get a free estimate, or just log on to for more info.

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