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Odor Removal Delray: Dealing with Spilled Drink and Spoiled Food

Rug odor is usually caused by food, spilled liquids like juice and coffee and other organic materials. Pet urine, too much humidity, and accidents involving solid materials are also common causes. When it comes to food and other organic spills, the rug will start smelling differently, especially when it starts to dry. The worst thing is when the food starts to spoil. When food is spilled, one expects the rug to smell just like the material that it absorbed, but when begins to get spoiled, the odor is much worse. This is because of the bacteria that release gases as they consume the spilled food.

After some time, the food dries up, along with the bacteria as they die of dehydration, and the odor goes away slightly. But this should not be a reason for rug owners to ignore the problem. It is best to have the rug washed for complete odor removal in Delray. Leaving the spills will only make it worse as the materials are easily absorbed by the fibers of the rug. Ideally, professional cleaning has to be done in order to take all the bad smell away from your rug.

Eradicate the Disgusting Smell

It is worth noting that the bad odor is not really a health hazard to most people. It is only the disgusting smell that has to be dealt with. For sure, no one will be comfortable staying in a room that does not smell good. Spray cleaners can only remove the surface dirt while air fresheners only mask the odor. For total odor removal in Delray, experts must be hired. One of the best solutions for these problems is to call Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray experts. We are a rug cleaning company that has extensive experience and highly trained cleaning specialists who have all the right equipment to remove all odors from your rug.

We strongly discourage you from using over-the-counter cleaning products because these applications use strong chemicals that only “blanket” the smell. In addition, they also cause harm to the rug’s fibers, which can cause damage in the long run. It sounds perfectly simple but it is true, sometimes the best solution is a good, traditional wash. You can trust us to give your rug the gentle care it needs because we use our hands in washing it. This is also a good way to address the source of the smell. We can pay extra attention on the area that absorbed the spill and odor so that all the foreign matter is removed.

Pet Odor Removal Delray

There is no longer any need to panic when your rug starts to stink. Complete odor removal in Delray is only a phone call away. Skip the guesswork and save time and effort. Leave all the work to us at, and you will have a fresh smelling, vibrant and soft rug in a few days. We also offer free estimates, so call our number now. We will be more than happy to help you solve your rug odor problems.

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