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Standard Process of Rug Cleaning in Delray

Rug cleaning is an important chore in every home and this is usually carried through vacuum cleaning. When dirt and dust get into deepest part of the rug, problems arise especially when these particles are not purged out over a period of time. Apart from the hazards that filthy rugs do to one’s health, this also leads to the deterioration of the rug. Vacuum cleaning and professional cleaning are two rug cleaning approaches that differ in methodology. Vacuum cleaning is just a temporary remedy while professional cleaning is extensive. At Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray, we clean rugs with our standard process of rug cleaning namely: dusting, washing, soft water rinse, drying and fringe cleaning.

How are these five steps carried out?


Rugs collect dirt and dust every single day and these particles multiply in amount if no cleaning is done. Dusting is the first in our rug cleaning methods because it is important that all elements are purged out of the rug before it undergoes washing. Dusting is done by using compressed air to remove all elements hiding in the deepest layer of the rug. Before the rug is transferred to the next step, our rug specialist will ensure that the rug is dirt and dust-free.

Rug Dusting Delray
Rug Washing Delray


Washing is considered the most important among the five steps because it is in this stage when the rug shall be soaked in a solution. Since rugs are made of different materials, we implement our very own dye-block treatment. This is to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned without losing its color. Also, we carry out two other systems which are anti-bacterial bath or decontamination bath depending on the gravity dirt and bacteria. Our goal is to kill all types of microorganisms living inside the rug.

Soft Water Rinse

Once washing is complete, soft water rinse is undertaken. In here, a combination of cold and warm water is directed towards the rug. This process of rug cleaning in Delray is completed until all lathers and suds are totally removed from the rug.

Rug Soft Water Rinse Process Delray
Rug Drying Delray


Drying takes the longest time to complete because the rug shall undergo several stages in this particular step. First, the rug is placed in a giant squeezer where the water is extracted from the rug in order to make it half-dry. Second, continuous airflow is directed towards the fibers until the rug becomes dry. Third, the rug is transferred into a warm room where moisture is collected.

Fringe Cleaning

Once drying is completed, our rug specialists will clean the fringes using special tools and solutions. The fringes are combed in place to remove the tangles. This process of rug cleaning in Delray is only applied to rugs and carpets with fringes.

Rug Fringe Cleaning Delray

Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray, each piece of rug passes through these five-step extensive cleaning method. Our rug specialists examine the rug first before it proceeds to cleaning. Once the five methods are completed, the rug is packed with a clean sheet of paper ready for pickup or delivery; unless your rug still needs to undergo rug restoration.

For as long as you entrust rugs to us, you are assured of 100% germ-free rugs at the end of the process. Call us and avail of our free estimate. We want nothing but the best for your rugs.

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