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Restoration Oriental Rugs Delray: Rug Care and Restoration Tips

You hate to see antique oriental rugs ‘go’ not only because of the memories, but also because they are beautiful pieces that make homes more attractive. There’s no reason, however, why you have to actually part with them. Time and accumulated wear and tear made them fragile and eyesores, but there are effective techniques of restoring them. Over the years, many professional rug companies like Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray have amassed enough knowledge and experience on rug maintenance and restoration of Oriental Rugs in Delray.

Old rugs are not the only ones that need restoration. Take note that rugs even when they are new but do not receive adequate attention can suffer damages as well.

Do you know why? Here are the reasons:

  • A rug soaked in water for a long time can lose color and can develop molds eventually.
  • Rugs receiving heavy foot traffic can have bald spots.
  • Moths can eat portions of your rugs.
  • Accidents can put holes or tear them.
  • There are lots of things that can damage rugs and some of these damages couldn’t be solved by simple cleaning. Some damaged rugs have to be either repaired or restored.
  • Restoration Oriental Rugs Delray

    How to avoid untimely restoration of Oriental Rugs in Delray?

    Let’s face it, you’d want your vintage rugs restored, but not your new ones. To avoid being forced to untimely restoration jobs, you must take proper rug maintenance steps. This will include regular cleaning, drying and removal of stains especially for those caused by animal waste. Some owners rotate rugs to distribute the effects of wear and tear evenly. This prevents the appearance of bald spots in some areas that may have to be restored or repaired.

    There will be instances when stains, dust and dirt can’t be dealt with at home. Engaging the services of professional cleaners for Restoration of Oriental Rugs in Delray is a good idea. But the next question is, how can you get the right company?

    Choosing the Right Company

    The most regrettable part of hiring is when the restorer has done a substandard job for your rug. With the rug industry practically swamped with service providers claiming to be the best in the business, you really have to be careful in choosing the one you want to give the restoration job to.

    There is a surefire way of choosing a company that is capable of providing the best services and this is to compare services, facilities, methods and rates of different rug companies. This should not be difficult as most providers have comprehensive websites available. Another important thing you have to be on the lookout is the level of skill of their technicians who can really do effective Restoration of Oriental Rugs in Delray.

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