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Rug Restoration Delray: Hiring a Professional is A Wise Decision

With the exception of unavoidable disasters like flooding and fire, rugs can last for several decades especially if you care for these floor pieces properly. Apparently, the main cause of rug damage is the wear and tear of foot traffic. But you can limit its unsightly effects by regular cleaning so the accumulation of dust and dirt can be controlled. But in the long run, you will notice that it only postpones the time it needs for professional cleaning and Rug Restoration in Delray. After years of having walked on it, particularly for rug with heavy furniture on top of it , the rug will soon loses its thickness, looks bare and faded, and destroys its over-all appearance. You will probably be tempted to just roll it and hide it in your closet… or worse, throw it. But it would be a pity if you do that because at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray, we can handle even the most heavily damaged rug to restore its former elegant condition.

Rug Restoration Delray

What keeps you from Hiring a Professional?

One of the possible reasons why you may have doubts about hiring a restoration company is that you think your rug will no longer function the way it was before and that spending money would not be practical.

Perish the thought. Skilled restorers like the ones we have at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray are concerned not only about your rugs looking like new, but also about strengthening them. For the money, you get to enjoy your rug for more years to come.

One vital factor in obtaining a successful Rug Restoration job in Delray is the skill of technician which determines his knowledge about the rug materials and the weaving methods utilized. Our passionate technicians passed our unique training program that includes everything there is to know about rugs - from history to materials to weaving techniques. They became experts in finding out the best solutions to any kind of rug damage.

We also constantly send them to important business related seminars to make sure they are always updated on new industry developments. An additional advantage that you can get from hiring us at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is our dedication to giving you only the best care that your rug deserves.

We never do a hit and miss task. We will not be content with just completing a job. It is our commitment to do our best each time we clean and restore your rug.

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Rug Restoration in Delray is just one of the many services we offer. Whatever issue you have with your rug, we can be your best partner. For cleaning, drying, repairing, Odor Removal, Pet Stain Removal, Water Removal, Textile Restoration and other services, you can count on us. As you browse our website at, you can view there how we care for our customers and one way to show this is by providing you with a free estimate along with pickup and delivery services.

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