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Rug Weaving Delray: Rescuing Your Damaged Rugs

The creation of carpets and rugs dates back to 7,000 BC when rug weaving became a way of life for the villagers of Persia. Rugs were woven during that time for the purpose of floor covering and insulation from cold climate. Rug Weaving specialists in Delray know that from the time rugs were invented up to this day, these ornaments have never ceased to exist in every home. This is because rugs provide a number of benefits such as floor protection, sound absorption and heat conduction. Knowing that rugs are beneficial to us, care and maintenance should be a consistent practice.

When rug cleaning comes to mind, the first thing that you would think of is to conduct vacuum cleaning. The principle behind using a vacuum cleaner is simply to suck dust and dirt from the fibers using inverted air. Vacuum cleaning is only effective for daily cleaning. In the case of stubborn dirt and contamination, professional cleaning is the best intervention.

Rug Weaving Delray

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If you are in search for a quality rug cleaner, Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is the company to trust. Our company implements a five-step cleaning method that encompasses all types of rug problems. We do our best to save rugs that is why we also provide other services in line with rug care such as rug weaving Delray, water extraction, odor removal, stain removal, repair and restoration. Everything related to rugs is our concern.

Rug repair is one important component of our services because we believe that rugs must be rescued from being thrown in the dumpster. If you see that your rugs are in a hopeless condition, better seek our advice before disposing them. Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray, we repair and restore rugs in different ways. For example, we perform rug weaving Delray if the following conditions are noticed:

1. Holes due to moth and mites

Microscopic insects and living creatures love the warmth that rugs provide; this is why they dwell in the deepest parts of the fibers. Apart from making rugs their habitat, they also consume this as their food especially for wool rugs. When holes are seen in any part of the rug, suspect that bugs, moth and mites are living in it. While rug cleaning will take care of killing and removing these insects, rug repair will take charge of rug weaving. With this kind of problem, Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is like hitting two birds with one stone. We can assure you that both problems can be resolved after we conduct our rug-rescuing procedures.

2. Tears and ripping due to accidents

Rugs can be torn or ripped due to problems such as furniture transfer, sharp object contact and the normal wear and tear. Our rug specialists are not only the experts in rug cleaning, they too are fully skilled in rug weaving in Delray. Considering this type of problem, our rug specialist performs rug weaving using the exact materials such as yarns, fabrics and fibers.

3. Discoloration due to chemical contact

One of the main causes of rug discoloration is the usage of wrong detergents in the process of cleaning. Bleach is a high-grade disinfectant that can easily make fabrics fade. Some rugs are prone to fading especially those that use synthetic or artificial materials. Rug weaving Delray is done to replace discolored fibers using exact color and material.

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