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Water Extraction Delray: The Practical Solution for Soaked Rugs

When an Oriental rug is soaked in water for any reason, it is better to have it sent to professionals for water extraction Delray than doing the work yourself. Some rug owners opt to do the rug drying by themselves but the process is time consuming, not to mention the effort needed to complete the task. It is important to be conscious about time when there is a water damage problem. The rug has to be dried within 24 hours from the time it got wet. This is to make sure that the rug can still be saved. If the rug is left soaked in water for more than a day, expect it to be permanently damaged.

The Problem

Throwing the rug away is a smart decision because additional problems are avoided. Aside from permanent damage, another problem that arises from a rug that has been wet for more than twenty-four hours is mold growth. Molds are known for being triggers for various health problems like asthma, cough, sneezing, headaches and skin allergies, among others.

Water Extraction Delray

The Solution

Being aware of the possible problems of water damage, it is therefore a more practical choice to have rug care companies like Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray. If you are thinking about removing the water from your rug on your own, consider the work that needs to be done. You have to remove the water as soon as possible. A wet vacuum is the tool of choice, and it is to be used until no water can be extracted. After that, you have to make sure that the rug is completely dried. Place the rug in an area or room that is well ventilated, ideally a warm one. You can use the room heater, a dehumidifier or two, and exhaust fans. They have to be kept running until the rug is totally dry.

Water extraction Delray is laborious indeed, not to mention the utility bills you will be getting apart from the rental fee of the equipment that you used. Now compare that experience to calling us at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray.

We can start by giving you a free estimate, then offer you free pickup and delivery. We have all the equipment, manpower and expertise needed to save your rug from damage. Our state of the art cleaning facility has a drying area for removing all the water and moisture from your rug and it is large enough to ensure that we have the space to accommodate each customer’s rug. Our cleaning specialists are well-trained in their craft. We have extensive experience in the industry, as the business itself is family owned.

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To guarantee that your rug will come back clean, fresh and dry, we would recommend having the rug washed. This eliminates all the dirt, soil, odor, stains, molds and all other factors that contribute to rug damage. Professional water extraction in Delray is not the only benefit you will get from washing. Give us a call to learn more about our services, or log on to our website, www.orientalrugcleaningdelray.com.

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