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Water Removal Delray: Combating the Consequences of Rug Water Damage

We all agree to the fact that water damage is totally troublesome and devastating. And the most destructive of all is water damages to rugs. This is because rug water damage affects both physical health and physical property. If you want to know if rug water damage can be saved, the answer is yes. Rug water damage can be resolved as long as you land on a reliable company that can provide quality rug water removal in Delray.

Rugs and carpets are known to accommodate all types of germs and bacteria brought about by dirt, dust, molds, pet waste, animal dander, sand, soil, filth and grime. When rugs get wet and any of these elements are present, they become more troublesome to the health. When rugs are left damp or wet for a couple of days, the primary element that will form are molds. Mold being of a type of fungi is considered a health hazard. The presence of molds in rugs and carpets will result to the following:

Water Removal Delray

Rug water damage can lead to a number of respiratory complications

Individuals with existing health issues such as tuberculosis, asthma, cystic fibrosis or emphysema can have these problems amplified due to the exposure to molds. Chances are, individual will experience severe asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness or wheezing. When this happens,water removal in Delray should be a primary solution. For as long as the rug passes through extensive cleaning and drying, then mold formation will no longer push through. Remember that a mold-free rug contributes to a healthy environment.

Rug water damage causes skin problems to appear

Since mold falls under the fungi family, it is unquestionably a catalyst for allergy and skin irritations. There are actually two ways on how molds from rugs get into the dermal layer of humans. First is direct contact with the rug and second is mold spores floating on air moving towards the skin. As a result, individual experiences protruding bumps, skin itching and swelling as caused by eczema and other bacterial infections.

Rug water damage can cause the development of neurological symptoms

Prolonged exposure to moldy rugs affects the neurological health of an individual. Symptoms such as mood changes, chronic fatigue, memory loss, debilitating migraines and dementia tend to develop. Take note that these conditions fall under extreme mold exposure cases. Nonetheless, treating the culprit is still the best way to keep oneself away from these conditions. Water removal in Delray is the complete solution to making rugs mold-free.

Rugs are there to provide warmth and comfort to our homes but when these ornaments get wet and dirty, they become the cause. As an immediate solution, contact Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray.

In here, we deal with any type of rug problem including water damage. Our five-step cleaning process ensures that not only are your rugs saved from disposal but more importantly your health is given the protection. In the end, you are able to save time, money and effort.

The only solution to rug water damage is quality water removal in Delray. If you are in need of this service, give us a call and we will provide you with a free estimate.

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