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Wool Rug Cleaning Delray: Gazing at the Advantages of Wool Rugs

Wool is by far the most reliable material used in the carpet-weaving industry. It carries more advantages that other type of rug. Apart from this, wool has a rich and colorful history as it is a common material used even before 500 BC where sheep and goats were the major providers of this kind of material in the making of floor coverings. The best characteristic of wool is its suitability to any climate type. If you have wool rugs in your home, then you must be proud because these are certainly unmatched by other man-made synthetic rugs. When it comes to care and maintenance, wool rug cleaning in Delray as performed by a professional cleaner is just the best approach.

The Production of Wool Fiber

Wool is not difficult to find because sheep is the major source of this material. Sheep is also easy to raise because this animal is pasture-fed and sunlight-fueled. Theoretically, only a small amount of energy is used in the production of wool as compared to other textiles such as nylon and polyester. Wool, being a natural fiber, is known to be biodegradable, which makes it a nature-friendly material in the process of making rugs.

Wool Rug Cleaning Delray

The Advantages of Wool Rug

Wool is a Healthy Rug

Wool possesses a natural characteristic that does not emit harmful toxins like that of synthetic fibers. Toxins are also known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC and these are very common in artificial rugs which utilize high volume of adhesives. Another reason why wool rugs is a healthy choice is because of its non-allergenic quality. It has the ability to trap particles such as fungal elements and pollen powder so that these elements cannot be inhaled by human beings.

Wool is Elastic

Wool fibers are characterized as springy and flexible as it can be stretched up to 35% and can still return to its original structure. This is an indication that wool rugs can last longer than other rugs because they can withstand different variables.

Wool Prevents Heat Loss

Wool rugs provide 10% of insulation in a room thereby reducing the required energy needed for heating. This excellent insulating property helps you save on electric bills. While wool is very advantageous during the winter or cold season, it has an inverse function during the summer season. When the weather is hot, wool prevents heat from rising. Its breathable feature keeps the room cooler and more comfortable.

Wool is Naturally Stain Resistant

Wool produces a natural light wax coating that does not permit stains to easily penetrate into the deepest portion of the fibers. This quality allows soiling only on the surface part of the fiber. This means that cleaning does not require strenuous work or use of harsh chemicals because stains can be easily taken off.

Knowing that wool rug is a great investment, it should also be partnered with precise wool rug cleaning in Delray. To keep your wool rugs clean and well maintained, Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is the best provider. We clean all types of rugs including wool through and extensive five-step method. Your wool rugs will undergo dusting, washing, soft water rinse, drying and fringe cleaning.

We employ hand cleaning to your wool rugs to ensure that these are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained. Call us today and avail of our free estimate for any service you need. Aside from wool rug cleaning in Delray, we also offer repair and restoration of damaged and worn-out wool rugs. See our website for more details. Click www.orientalrugcleaningdelray.com.

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