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Hello, I’m Jamie Ferrelli.

Showcasing our respectable company at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray is really a good way to start the year.

I’ve been running this business for more than 2 years now and I’ve been part of this industry for more than a decade. I had the confidence to start my own rug cleaning business because of my father who gave me the guidance that I needed. My father has been running a family-owned company for almost 3 decades now and he taught me all about rugs---Yes! from A to Z! I really know the importance of having a good customer relationship. Whether you are a walk-in or a call-in customer, how I love to connect with you.

Rug Cleaning Delray

I also feel that I should share my knowledge on rugs, as well as post stories about our customers’ experiences to inform you about the latest developments in the world of Oriental rugs. It would give me a great feeling of fulfilment to be able to touch someone’s life; someone who does not have any knowledge about rugs or how to take care of them. Indeed, to help someone make his rug lasts longer is an achievement in itself.

We can assure you with all the benefits you can get from having your rug cleaned by us at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray. Explore our website and learn about our cleaning process, especially the part about our company being one of the few companies left that washes rugs by hand. Look at the photos and videos of the work that we did. You will also find out about the very first Oriental rug I ever owned, and how I developed this passion for rugs. This business is something I’m enjoying a lot, and I’ll never get tired of it.

Feel free to search our website and learn about our services. Find out why we love doing what we do. Discover our cleaning facility that is furnished with the latest equipment and watch how we clean rugs.

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