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Persian Rug Cleaning Delray: Accurate Cleaning Tips

Persian rugs are hand-woven rugs that originated from the old villages of Persia which is now called Iran. Carpet and rug weaving is considered a popular source of income of people in Iran during the earlier times. Actually, this industry contributed greatly to the country’s economy as Persian rugs became well-known all over the world. What differentiate Persian rugs among other types of rugs are the patterns used in the process of weaving. Typically, Persian rugs follow any of these four patterns: one-sided, compartment, central medallion and all-over. Since Persian rugs are quite sophisticated, the clarity of their design can be more vivid if they are clean and dust-free. In order to keep these rugs neat and tidy, Persian rug cleaning in Delray should be done by professional cleaners.

Persian Rug Cleaning Delray

Some Tips to Consider in Caring for your Rugs

Regular Cleaning: The best way to provide care for your rugs is to clean them regularly. Apart from the daily vacuum cleaning, giving your rugs that much needed washing can refresh and brighten their appearance. By bringing your rugs to a professional cleaner, you are assured that your rugs can last for more years.

Hand washing Technique: Persian rugs are delicate because they are specially woven by hand. Persian rug cleaning in Delray must also be done by hand so that the beauty of their patterns and design are kept intact. While most companies today utilize machines for rug cleaning, doesn’t.

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Our company has been operating for two years now. We wouldn’t consider ourselves as novices in this kind of craft. In fact, our expertise has been passed down to us. Rug cleaning has been a family business for many years now. We are branching out to more outlets because we want to continue the legacy that has been handed down to us. Today, we pride ourselves for establishing several satisfied customers in our area. The satisfaction that we see in our customers is an indication that we have met their expectations.

While rug cleaning is our major service, we also specialize in other services such as stain removal, pet odor removal, water extraction, repair and restoration. We deal with all types of rug problems because we believe that rugs are not just ordinary ornaments that should be disposed when they get filthy or damaged. Our expertise transcends cleaning as we do our best in saving rugs and make them functional again.

Persian rug cleaning in Delray is carried out in five major steps: dusting, washing, soft water rinse, drying and fringe cleaning. All these are done accurately with the use of safe and effective solutions that will thoroughly clean rugs without making them fade.

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