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Area Rug Cleaning Delray: Appreciating the Versatility of Area Rugs

Area rugs are the best art works that you can put on your floor. Apart from its decorative aspect, rugs can either add sophistication to your living room or give unconventional accent to your den. Area rugs function as perfect padding to marble flooring and hardwood floors. An area rug is quite versatile because it can be used in any space whether it be a living room, bedroom or dining room. It produces a stylish lift to any room making it more fabulous and striking. While an area rug makes your home more attractive, it is necessary that you provide the required care and maintenance so that this type of ornament can stay with you for a longer period. Hence, consider area rug cleaning in Delray an important chore.

Area rugs come in various sizes; however the ideal size is measured 3 feet by 6 feet. There are different kinds of area rugs. If you want to add detail to any empty space in your home, here are some area rugs that can perfectly fit a particular spot:

I also feel that I should share my knowledge on rugs, as well as post stories about our customers’ experiences to inform you about the latest developments in the world of Oriental rugs. It would give me a great feeling of fulfilment to be able to touch someone’s life; someone who does not have any knowledge about rugs or how to take care of them. Indeed, to help someone make his rug lasts longer is an achievement in itself.

Accent Rugs

This kind of area rug is small in size. The reason why it is called accent rug is because it makes a small space chic and elegant. You can use accent rugs in front of a fireplace, doorstep or bookcase. An accent rug is also perfect for the side or foot of a bed.

Hall Rug Runners

If you have a long narrow space in your home, hall rug runners are the best embellishments. They make the space cozier and warm. Walking along this path can also be safer and soundless. Depending on the measurement of your hallway, you can customize the size of this rug at a specialty outlet.

Area Rug Cleaning Delray

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are classified as antique or vintage because they were made by hand hundreds of years ago. Examples to these are Persian and Oriental rugs. Since these rugs are created with patterns and a variety of colors, they match well with plain furniture and upholstery chairs. These rugs are considered as family heirloom therefore; precise area rug cleaning in Delray is advised.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are also termed as modern rugs. Since they were created during this current time, design or style doesn’t have to follow a particular pattern. The saying ‘anything goes’ is applied in the creation of these rugs. Additionally, these contemporary rugs match well with modern-minimalist style homes.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs have designs that fall between traditional and contemporary rugs. Some popular designs are botanical and floral patterns. These area rugs fit well indoors or outdoors.

Area rugs are truly desirable because of their versatility. It is only when they get dusty and dirty that they become less attractive. Extensive area rug cleaning Delray is done best at Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray.

We do away from the modern way which is machine cleaning and implement our company trademark which is hand-washing. Area rugs are made of special fabrics; the reason why we clean every section thoroughly by hand.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray also offers other services such as odor removal, stain removal, rug deep cleaning, water extraction and repair and restoration. For any rug problem, you can surely count on us. For a free quote to any of our services, call our hotline numbers.

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